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Look no further & find everything you need for your furry pet right here!

If you are looking for supplies & recommendations on what to get when you get a new puppy, this is the place! Have a look at our list of recommendations below, and stop by to learn more about what you need to provide for your fur baby.


Pee Pads

For beginning stages of potty training

image0 (5).jpeg

Pet Bed

Cozy, Comfy & Calming for new puppies

Bully Sticks

Help your new baby with teething & anxiety. Entertained for hours.

image0 (6).jpeg

Chew Toys

Make sure to have lots of toys for teething puppies. Less bored and destructive puppies. Keep them entertained.

image0 (7).jpeg
image0 (8).jpeg

Snuggle Puppy

Give your puppy some comfort and get the snuggle puppy. Mimics the heartbeat of mom and calms them.

image0 (9).jpeg

Elevated Bowls

These help with posture during eating. Eating with head too low can cause them to gulp more air and cause stomach issues.

Dog Food

4Health puppy food is the brand we have our puppies on. It's a great brand and they have been thriving on this brand.

image0 (10).jpeg

Collar & Leash

Harnesses are very important in beginning leash training. They help with no pulling neck or trying to get out of leash.

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